Cast & Crew

Ty Freedman

Ty Freedman plays Charlie/Salesman #1

Ty Freedman, a proud Bostonian, is very excited to be a part of this fantastic production. Ty spent the last seven years in Chicago where he had the very lucky opportunity to work with some amazing theatres including the Steppenwolf Theatre, Looking Glass Theatre, and Emerald City Theatre. Ty began his theatrical career very early by playing the coveted and challenging role of Moses, when he was 3, at his grandmothers passover sadder. He later went on to train at Walnut Hill Arts High school, DePaul University and even ran away to clown school in London when he was 18. Ty is also a very proud teacher, and most recently ran the Attics kids theatre program at the Attic Theatre, where he had the opportunity to write, and direct original productions for children. He thanks Benita and Michael for fulfilling his dream of making it to Prince Edward Island!