2012 Los Angeles Cast

Meet the 2012 Cast & Crew from the premiere production at the
Carrie Hamilton at the Pasadena Playhouse which ran Sept 15 – Oct 14, 2012

Alison Woods

Barbara Niles

Cade Anderson

Chéri McKenzie

Christopher Callen

Christopher Higgins

Don Margolin

James Jaeger

Justine Huxley

Kailey Nicole Swanson

Kaitlyn Hammer

Kate Sullivan

Marilla D

Melinda Porto

Ty Freedman

Tyler Scheef

Zoe Berger Davis

Kevin Lee (choreographer)

Peter Matyas (casting director)

Julie Ferrin (sound designer)

Kelsey O’ Keefe (stage manager)

Liz Dickson (costume designer)

Maggie Green {assistant costume designer)

Darrell J. Clark (lighting designer)